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How much does Home Care in Brighton cost?

Home care costs vary based on the specific care needed and frequency of services. Our prices start from £20.00 per hour. To obtain a personalised quote for home care fee's, we recommend calling us on 01273 359535 or use the contact us section below. We can then tell you the cost of the care for your needs. We can then arrange a meeting at your home to discuss your requirements and preferences further. The information obtained will be the foundation of your customised Care Plan. The Care Plan is regularly reviewed to ensure that it is relevant and up to date. The costs will be adapted as your needs are. For example, if you start your care journey with personal care requirements due to an operation or illness and the care provided improves your health, you may wish to change the care package to companionship care or cleaning as you need less help. The cost will then be amended to the lesser price. This also applies to the opposite and you can start our care journey with domestic help and progress up to personal care if needed. You may be entitled to help towards the cost of care. Please refer to our Help With Care Funding page for further information. 

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