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The Amaiva Group continues to monitor any develpoments relating to the spread of COVID-19 across the UK

We are open.........

Please contact us via phone on 01273 35 95 35 or email with any questions or concerns regarding COVID-19. 

What are we doing........

Amaiva are well-prepared to stay updated on the latest developments concerning the ongoing spread of COVID-19 in the UK. We regularly monitor the situation, review our protocols, and prepare appropriate responses as the circumstances evolve. Our utmost priority is to safeguard the health and well-being of our colleagues and clients.

Amaiva Group maintains close collaboration with Health Authorities, Homecare Association/Scottish Care, and Care Regulators to ensure the protection of our colleagues and customers while delivering our services. We continually assess our Business continuity plans in anticipation of a potential escalation of the outbreak.

The Amaiva Group strongly encourage all our staff to be fully vaccinated in order to prioritise their own safety, the safety of our customers, and the safety of their families. 

Our commitment remains unwavering in delivering exceptional care and support to our customers throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We diligently adhere to the guidelines set by the UK and the Republic of Ireland governments to safeguard the well-being of our valued customers and dedicated staff. We have implemented a range of precautionary measures to ensure the protection of our customers, staff, and the general public. 

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Please call 01273 35 95 35 or email us at

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