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Alzheimer's Home Care

Amaiva Care Group offers various home care packages for individuals, seniors, and the elderly with memory loss. Our team can help Alzheimer's sufferers across Brighton & Hove keep their independence in an environment that they recognise and with the family that they love. Amaiva understand the struggles that memory loss brings. Whether it's respite care or full-time care Amaiva is here to help. 

Picture of elderly person and carer on a strole

Caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease or any form of dementia requires patience, understanding, and specialised knowledge. Their are various options available for Alzheimer's home care that we at Amaiva can offer.

Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Informal Caregiving: Many families choose to care for their loved ones with Alzheimer's at home. This often involves family members taking on caregiving responsibilities. While this can be a loving and supportive arrangement, it can also be physically and emotionally demanding. We can offer respite care to give you a well earned break. 

  2. Professional In-Home Care Services: Amaiva specialise in providing trained caregivers who can come to your home and assist with various tasks related to Alzheimer's care. Our carers are experienced in dealing with the challenges that dementia presents. They can help with activities of daily living, medication management, companionship, and even more advanced care as the disease progresses.

  3. Day Care Services: Some individuals with Alzheimer's attend day care centers specifically designed to provide socialization and activities in a safe environment. This can also provide a respite for family caregivers, allowing them some time to rest and recharge. Amaiva can provide transport and companionship on these trips.

  4. Respite Care: This type of care involves temporary relief for the primary caregiver. It can be arranged for a few hours, a day, or even longer periods. During respite care, our professional carers take over the responsibilities, allowing the primary caregiver to have a break.

  5. Support Groups and Resources: The Alzheimer's Society is a valuable resource for information, support, and guidance for both caregivers and individuals with Alzheimer's. They offer various services, including support groups, online forums, and informational resources.

  6. Adapting the Home Environment: If you're caring for someone with Alzheimer's at home, consider making adaptations to the living environment to enhance safety and comfort. This might include removing trip hazards, installing locks on certain doors, labeling important items, and creating a soothing and clutter-free space.

  7. Legal and Financial Considerations: Alzheimer's care often involves legal and financial considerations, such as setting up power of attorney, managing finances, and planning for future care needs. Seeking legal and financial advice can help navigate these aspects effectively.

Remember that Alzheimer's disease is progressive, and care needs can change over time. It's important to regularly assess the situation and adjust the care plan accordingly. Additionally, taking care of yourself as a caregiver or family member is crucial; seek support from friends, family, and Amaiva to prevent burnout and ensure the best care for your loved one.

Please contact our team to discuss your care needs for sufferers of Alzheimer's & Dementia. 


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