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Amaiva Home Care Reviews & Testimonials.

What people say about us.......

Take a moment to browse through our collection of testimonials, where satisfied customers share their positive experiences and insights about our products/services.

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The below Reviews and Testimonials have been Verified - 2024

Zaid A

“The team met our care needs so quickly after discharge from hospital and enables bridging care until the NHS took over. They are all so kind, attentive, flexible and caring and we are so grateful."

Verified Review - 2024.

Suzanne W

"What can I say, I am so impressed with Amaiva and feel most fortunate to have had them recommended to me. I was so completely reassured when discussing arrangements with Amaiva. The time and expertise shared with me was invaluable"
Verified Review - 2024.

Stacy C

“Amaiva care , have stood by their words and have provided amazing care. Communication has been amazing. Nothing is a problem, we have been very lucky to have found this company , I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for reliable, honest , trustworthy carers.” 
Verified Review - 2024.

Christopher I

“Following surgery for a total knee replacement and 5 days in hospital, I needed help at home, while I trying to regain my mobility and independence. For the first two weeks, I really struggled and could not have managed without the daily attendance of their experienced carer's."

Verified Review - 2024.

Lianne W

"I was recommended this care agency by a friend and they have been brilliant. They genuinely care and have been very reliable."
Verified Review - 2024.

Sharna D

“Felt reassured and worry free with the professional and personalised care provided for our elderly family member would definitely recommend”

Verified Review - 2024.

Helen P

"Thanks for looking after mum, I am so glad we have you. You have made such an amazing difference to all our lives. Thank you"

Verified Review - 2024.
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