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What training do the carers have?

At Amaiva we know that high quality care comes from high quality training and leadership. Our carers begin their training right from their induction session, carrying on throughout their career. On going training and support ensures that the carer has in depth and up to date knowledge to deliver safe effective care. Refresher training sessions are held regularly to keep everyone alert and aware. We support the carers every step of the way. The carers are also spot checked frequently and have supervision sessions to enforce their knowledge. We also offer additional training for specific care needs. 

The carers will carry out the following training:

Care Certificate Training

Challenging Behaviours


Data, Cyber Security


Equality / Diversity / Human Rights

Fire Safety Awareness

Food Hygiene / Safety

First Aid Accredited


Health and Safety

Infection Prevention and Control 

Lone Working 

Medication Administration / Theory

Medication Competency


Moving & Handling Theory

Moving & Handling People Competency

Care Plan & Risk Assessment


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