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The role of a Carer......

A Carer, or Care Worker, is someone who helps and supports people, in their home. They do important tasks like personal care, which can consist of helping individuals to wash, dress, toileting, and take their medication. They may help with household chores, such as cleaning, laundry and shopping. Additionally, carer's provide companionship to those they care for. The time a carer spends helping someone depends on what the person needs. Some people might need help with everyday tasks like going to appointments, while others might need more care for conditions like dementia or Parkinson's.

Carer's have a duty to care for and respect their clients. At Amaiva Care Group, our Care Workers make an effort to know the people they care for. Understanding their likes, dislikes, and individual needs. Regardless of the situation, it's a Carer's job to treat clients with dignity and respect during each visit.

Overall, a Care Worker's main goal is to help people stay as  independent as possible. Many older or vulnerable people prefer to stay at home, and Carer's play a key role in making that possible.

Carer and elderly lady

What are the main duties......

Each day brings different tasks based on what each client needs and likes. Their main focus is to help and support clients with daily activities they find challenging. The goal is not just to assist physically but also to provide emotional support for the client's overall well-being.

The specific duties of a Carer can vary with each client. The duties involve a mixture of practical and emotional support, and while it's hard to list everything, here are the main duties and responsibilities:

  1. Helping with Personal Care:

    • This means assisting with tasks like bathing, getting dressed and toileting.

  2. Providing Companionship:

    • Being a friendly and supportive presence for the client, offering companionship.

    • Accompanying clients to appointments or shopping.

    • Arranging appointments. 

  3. Taking Care of Domestic Chores:

    • This includes doing laundry, cleaning, and tidying up the living space.

  4. Assisting with Mobility:

    • Helping the client move around, providing support as needed.

  5. Managing Medication:

    • Reminding clients to take their medications and ensuring prescriptions are collected.

    • Checking medication stock.

    • Documenting medication information on a chart.

What skills are needed......

You do not need previous experience to be a great carer. We all have to start somewhere. You'll be supported to complete the training required, and we'll be there with you at every call until you're confident to work by yourself. Here are some skills we need you to have so you can provide good care.​


  1. Good at Talking and Understanding:

    • Care Worker's should be able to talk well with clients and their team to make sure everyone understands each other.

  2. Responsible, Well-Organised and Reliable:

    • This job requires a lot of responsibility. Carer's must be on top of things to make sure they always give the best care.

    • Good time keeping and commitment is required to ensure clients receive reliable care. 

  3. Have a caring and empathetic nature. 

  4. Follow the Rules and Steps:

    • Since the job involves taking care of clients, it's important for candidates to follow the company's rules and steps to do things the right way.

What is the pay like?......

At Amaiva Care Group, we recognise the dedication and effort of our carer's and our pay rate reflects that. If you want to know more about potential earnings, drop us an email, call, or use the button below. 

Besides competitive pay, we also pay mileage between calls, and you will receive a bonus for referring friends. We pay time and a half for Bank Holiday, and double rate over the Christmas period. 

Can i progress?.....

We are committed to helping our staff advance in their career. We provide opportunities to pursue further education and qualifications. Dedication and experience can open doors to roles like Senior Carer, Care Coordinator, and Supervisor. We're here to support your career growth every step of the way.

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